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Grain trade

Grain Trade

The value of grain and oilseed is determined by its characteristics, and only by identifying and segregating qualities can the total value be captured. Whether you trade in wheat, rice, corn, soybeans or other products, rapid and accurate analytical results will help you make the best business decisions.

With more than 50 years of experience with grain and oilseed trading companies, we know and understand your business. We offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions for grain and oilseed analysis, composition, function, and safety - which help you in your daily work and will improve your bottom line.

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  • Screening Ingredients

Screening Ingredients

We offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions that help protect your grain investment from undetected quality issues such as sprout damage, protein, and moisture.

A Complete Portfolio of Grain Testing Solutions

Grains, whether consumed whole or processed, have nutritional and functional requirements and must be safe for consumption, and the only way to ensure grain quality is through rigorous testing. That’s where PerkinElmer come in. Our easy-to-operate, integrated testing and analytical solutions encompa ...

Analysis of Aflatoxins by UHPLC

Aflatoxin B1 is considered to be the most genotoxic of the mycotoxins, and, when ingested by cows, is converted to aflatoxin M1 which has been shown to cause liver cancer in certain animals.

Comprehensive Testing Solutions for Feed Millers

Feed milling today is a complex business, and agribusinesses both large and small need to balance the nutritional and safety needs of livestock with availability of raw ingredients and their seasonality and variability. Add to that the valuable supplementation and medication that millers supply, and ...

Direct Analysis of Glyphosate and Similar Polar Pesticides in Oatmeal by UHPLC-MS/MS

Glyphosate is a very polar compound with high solubility in water and low solubility in most organic solvents and, as such, requires methods based on derivatization which are labor-intensive and time consuming. The present work shows a 12 minute LC-MS/MS method with an amino-based column to analyze ...

Quantification of Rice Aroma

This application note describes the automated HS-GC/NPD technique applied to the analysis of various type of rice samples. This method was successful for the determination of a key aroma compound, 2AP, in rice sample with different varieties. The method showed in this study is rapid, convenient and ...

Detecting Quinoa Flour Using FT-NIR

Quinoa flour is a high-value product and, therefore, susceptible to adulteration with lower-value flours. Fourier Transform Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-NIR) provides a quick and easy method to determine the identity and concentration of any adulterants present in quinoa flour.

Wheat proteolytic insect damage detection method - RVA 40.01

Insect damage of wheat grains results in reduced flour quality, which leads to weak doughs, breads of low volume and poor texture. The insect injects its saliva into the grain and lay eggs that hatch and develop in vivo, often leaving no visible external damage. This method shows the use the RVA to ...

Xantham gum hydration method - RVA 35.01

In this work viscous properties of xanthan gum in water and other solutions at various heating and shear rates are evaluated. The Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA) is a cooking stirring viscometer with ramped temperature and variable shear profiles optimized for testing viscous properties. The instrument i ...

Oats - DA 7250

Whenever oats are used as a raw material it is important to have knowledge of its composition and properties. In feed milling and other processing, the raw material will affect the process efficiency as well as the quality of the final product. DA 7250 accurately can analyze moisture, protein, ash, ...

Fast Digestion Analysis of Lead and Cadmium in Rice Using GFAAS with Deuterium Background Correction

Toxic elements, such as lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd), are entering the food chain through environmental contamination. Rice, as the most widely consumed cereal grain in Asia, can quickly pick up Pb and Cd from soil, thereby seriously endangering human health through diet. These toxic element levels ne ...

Elemental Analysis of Grains with the NexION 300/350 ICP-MS

This work focuses on the analysis of grains - both the low-level contaminants as well as the macro-level nutritional elements - using ICP-MS.

Pesticides and Organic Toxins Compendium

A Compendium of Pesticides and Organic Toxins Application Notes: Rice, oatmeal, wine, berries, corn and multi-grain cereals.

Analysis of Dry Peas for Moisture, Protein, Ash and Starch

Accurate monitoring of moisture, protein, ash and starch content of dry peas is important for quality control and cost monitoring. Since dry peas are a bulk commodity, there is a need to analyze many samples quickly. Reference methods of analysis – particularly the analysis of starch – are time cons ...

Rye - DA 7250

For rye processors, moisture, protein, starch, ash, NDF and fiber are important parameters that define the properties of the end product. Rapid and accurate determination of these parameters is of great benefit both in controlling the rye processing and the end product. This application note shows t ...

Arsenic Speciation Analysis in Brown Rice by HPLC-ICP-MS Using the NexION350D

This work demonstrates the ability to separate and measure arsenic compounds present in brown rice samples by selection of proper HPLC and ICP-MS conditions. The resultsof this work correlate very well with those of the other organizations participating in the study. These results prove that the com ...

Arsenic Speciation Analysis in White Rice by HPLC- ICP-MS Using the NexION 350D

This work has demonstrates the ability to separate and measure arsenic compounds present in rice. Sample preparation involves a non-aggressive extraction procedure to preserve the species as much as possible. The chromatography separates all species in less than four minutes using an isocratic metho ...

Webinar: NIR Process Analyzers in Action. Driving Quality and Efficiency in the Grain & Feed Industries

Join us for an engaging session as we dive deep into the world of successful adoption of this NIR process analyzers in the grain and feed sectors to increase yield, profitability, and optimize ingredient use.

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