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The chemical industry is a critical building block for many other industries, like semiconductors, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, coolants, cosmetics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals among others, so it's important to confidently quantify and qualify your raw materials through the chemical manufacturing process, through to end products. Whether you are a commodities chemicals manufacturer or specialist end-use producer; ensuring accurate chemical identification, precise impurity management and conforming to increased regulatory supervision are your most critical needs. Pressures like acquiring new technologies to meet a constantly growing demand for increased throughput and improved performance, while maintaining a trained staff, requires partners who develop intuitive, robust and smart analytical solutions that meet a variety of manufacturing process needs.

The manufacturing workplace environment and your environmental footprint must also be monitored and controlled on top of ensuring quality processes and product purity. Occupational and environmental exposure to hazardous and potentially harmful chemicals and gases like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and smokestack emissions, among others, are challenging to keep up with due to the highly competitive and constantly changing nature of the industry. The testing solutions you employ must also future proof your laboratories.

Analytical solutions don't stop at technologies. Informatics solutions are an important component to provide chemists with industry-leading analytics tools that work across all stages of R&D and manufacturing - including the design of publication-ready chemical structures and improved workflow processes that propel productivity by unlocking new insights for better decision making.

Whether you are researching and developing, manufacturing a specific chemical or testing for impurities (metal or organic), you need reliable, easy to use analytical platforms with best-in-class informatics and service solutions. From raw material identification to fine and specialty chemicals analysis, discover our solutions by navigating the type of analysis you are looking to perform.

Chemicals Research & Development

Chemicals research and development (R&D) face many demands for innovation which is essential to other industries that we rely on in our everyday lives. Miniaturized semiconductor and electronics, safer and stronger automotive and construction materials, more durable and fire-retardant textiles, safer agrochemicals, and faster, efficacious and safer Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for the pharmaceutical segment, are just a few of the growing sectors that rely on innovations from the chemicals industry. However, political disruptions and global supply turmoil have escalated pressures on innovating in an economically sustainable yet regulatory compliant way. Chemicals R&D must remain on top of the latest regulations, product manufacturing and testing trends to produce the high-quality commodity chemicals, specialty and agrochemicals, and fine chemical pipelines that so many growing industries rely on.

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Chemicals Identification

Chemicals producers are pressured with a constant demand for increased throughput while ensuring optimal purity levels of raw materials, chemicals in gas, liquid and solid form, through to the finished product. It’s critical to the success and profitability of your operation to know that the materials utilized and produced in your manufacturing process are of the exact quality you require. The wide range of matrices and analyses requires a vast array of analytical testing technologies to achieve and maintain chemicals manufacturing success in today’s highly competitive chemicals market.

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Chemicals Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Chemicals manufacturers and testing laboratories are challenged with protecting their materials and products from trace contaminates like metals, organics and unknown substances, no matter the industry they are supplying. From the time that raw materials enter the chemicals manufacturing process through to final chemical quality, fast testing platforms are needed to detect and address issues.

The ability to integrate with online monitoring systems enables expected purity levels to be maintained so quality issues can be detected and addressed in real-time, while keeping up with increasing demand and sample throughput.

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