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Energy & Renewables

Explore our analytical solutions in the fields of energy and renewables. We provide instrumentation, software and services to support scientists in the development, testing and improvement of; petrochemicals, biofuels, the generation of wind, solar, geotherm, and energy storage.

Innovate improved materials and chemicals to accelerate your R&D and ensure your lab is positioned to achieve the highest product performance and quality, using trusted instrumentation and reliable lab services and support.

Industrial Applications

Energy Storage

Are you part of the steady global acceleration of energy storage research? Battery research and production is growing rapidly, and the race for the best perform ...

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Fuels & Biofuels

Maximize your laboratory's prospects in biofuels development and testing, while meeting diverse global regulatory requirements and ASTM standards for renewable ...

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Grow your business with our wide range of petrochemical solutions that enable you to achieve reliable results quickly. Confirm product quality and get your prod ...

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Solar is the most abundant and fastest growing renewable technology. Its rapid growth has driven economies of scale that make it ever more attractive for a vari ...

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