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Analysis in polymer manufacturing is essential for packaging, construction, automotive, aviation, electronics, paints, resins and more.

Material identification and characterization is important at every stage of production. PerkinElmer's portfolio of polymer solutions gives you the accuracy, sensitivity, and ease of operation your laboratory demands. Confidently test samples to the composition and performance standards you require. What's more, a range of complementary services helps to keep your laboratory up and running smoothly.

With decades of experience across thermal, molecular spectroscopy, chromatography, atomic spectroscopy and hyphenated techniques, you will find PerkinElmer an ideal partner for ensuring the quality and reliability of your polymers and plastics analysis.

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Polymer Testing Solutions Brochure: Analysis from R&D to QA/QC

Innovation is the lifeblood of industrial polymer development – the push to improve materials or develop new ones infuses new life into the industry from R&D th ...
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Selection Criteria for Analytical Technologies that Meet Polymer Manufacture and Recycling Testing Needs

This white paper discusses what testing is required at each step in the polymer production lifecycle from R&D to manufacture to recycling. It explores the analy ...
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Advanced Solutions for Polymers and Plastics

This poster lays out our whole material characterization range for the analysis of polymers and plastics. Find ideal techniques and instruments at each stage in ...
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Polymer Lifecycle Challenges

Understand the Challenges, Trends & Opportunities of the Polymer Industry. Want to know what the future might look like for plastic manufacturers and recyclers? ...
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Polymer ID Analyzer Flyer

There is a growing demand for easy, accurate, and rapid qualitative and quantitative polymer analysis to enable increased productivity and faster product releas ...
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AIMPLAS – Study of Multilayer Laminates Using the Spotlight 400 Imaging Microscope

From raw material manufacturers to plastic processors and end users, AIMPLAS is an award-winning technology centre with 30 years of experience in the plastics i ...
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Polymer Applications Compendium

Today’s plastics are some of the most used materials on a global volume basis. Broadly integrated into today’s industrial and commercial lifestyles, they make a ...
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Polymer Buyers Guide to Materials Lifecycle Testing

This infographic guides you step-by-step through the selection criteria for your analytical testing requirements at each stage in the polymer production lifecyc ...
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Analysis of Rubber Samples by Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

As an important polymer material, rubber has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production and plays an irreplaceable role in thousands of everyday ...
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GC-FID: Analysis of Residual Solvents and Monomers in Plastic

Different types of plastics are used for these diverse applications, but all plastic manufacturing has a few common raw material needs, including monomers and s ...
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Polymer Identification Using Pyrolysis Products Fingerprints

In order for manufacturers and users to control the quality of products, it is necessary to identify polymers and build a polymer library. Since the 1980s, the ...
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Materials & Energy Hub

Analytical studies underpin industrial progress, whilst at the same time driving down costs and environmental impacts. It's a tall order, and we understand just ...
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Be a Pro PET Analyzer - From Safety to Recycling

In a world reliant on achieving ever-more sustainable plastics to safe-guard our shared environment, PET has an important role to play. It’s the most common the ...
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Plastics Recycling: Insights, Challenges and Future Trends

Partnering with many of our customers we know that developing new products with advanced performance features is not enough in the new, waste-averse economy.
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Polymer Characterization with Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)

The presentation is designed to introduce scientists, engineers, or other professionals to basic principles, terminology, and advanced polymer characterization ...
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Analysis of Laminate Materials by ATR Imaging

Principal Field Application Scientist, Thomas Byron explains the principles and components of FTIR Microscopes and Imaging systems..
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Test, Analyze, Comply: Practical Plastic Packaging Testing Solutions

Hear an overview of the packaging industry’s analytical requirements with a focus on the accurate testing of flexible, rigid and multi-layer plastics, including ...
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All Wrapped Up – Improve Your Plastic Packaging Analyses

Are you responsible for QA/QC in your company and care about your brand and customer satisfaction? This webinar dives deep into the analytical techniques solvin ...
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Evolved Gas Analysis: Powerful Insights on Material Composition Using Hyphenation Technology

The characterization of advanced materials and complex formulations presents unique analytical challenges, which are often difficult to address using traditiona ...
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