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Grain and Feed Mycotoxin Testing Solutions

Grain and Feed Mycotoxin Testing Solutions

The average yearly incidence of mycotoxins in grain and feed above regulatory limits approaches 25%. Climate change is also adding to the uncertainty of mycotoxin growth. Testing and mitigation are more important than ever. Whether you need rapid screening, high throughput, ultimate verification and quantification, or any combination thereof, PerkinElmer has the right combination of methods and technologies to meet your needs. We can help all points along the grain chain to detect mycotoxins with the suitable technology for the user capabilities, throughput, and accuracy. Our solutions help improve efficiency, capabilities, mitigate risk, and ultimately help you in your quest to provide safe grain-based products. We can even help expand your business and implement ISO accredited methods.


Grain and feed testing

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Whether you are a grain or feed company needing to quickly and simply screen grain shipments, run a lab and need automated-high throughput, or you are an analytical chemist wanting the most rigorous methods, PerkinElmer has a mycotoxin testing solution to meet your needs.


Rapid, quantitative strip tests designed to detect mycotoxins in any setting.

  • No equipment required during extraction or strip testing.
  • Water-based extraction more user friendly than methanol.
  • USDA FGIS validations for Aflatoxin; Vomitoxin (DON), Zearalenone, and Ochratoxin A test kits.
  • Portable, handheld reader with touchscreen menu.

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End-to-end workflow solution that includes the easiest and comprehensive multiplexed sample preparation, and an automated high-throughput detection platform

  • Quantitative detection with accuracy comparable to analytical methods
  • Simultaneous sample prep and automated detection for all six target mycotoxins
  • Ready to use reagents out of the box
  • Increase productivity – can test up to 192 samples in less than 90 min
  • Test complex matrices – grain, grain by-products, finished feeds and pet foods

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Fast and accurate analysis of selected mycotoxins.

  • LC 300 system is designed for very low dispersion, increasing separation efficiency, and lowering detection limits
  • LC 300 Pump family utilizes an advanced implementation of a rugged linear drive to deliver ultra-precise gradient flows up to 10,000 psi (HPLC configuration) or 18,000 psi (UHPLC configuration).
  • Patented real-time blending compensation automatically accounts for solvent compressibility changes under pressure
  • LC 300 Autosamplers ensure precision, outstanding reproducibility and low carryover for superior analytical performance.
  • LC 300 Fluorescence detector enables the selective detection of fluorescing compounds, with sensitivity that can be up to 1,000 times greater than UV detection, which is critical in mycotoxins analysis.

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Ultimate Detection

Highly sensitive and accurate analysis of wide range mycotoxins in various food matrices.

  • Highest Analytical Sensitivity and Selectivity using UHPLC separation and mass spec detection;
  • Flow-based mass spectrometer provides unmatched Stability and Robustness;
  • Patented StayClean technology minimizes instrument maintenance, providing 15% more Productivity and Throughput;
  • Widest Range of Molecular Panels can be analyzed using true dual source (APCI/ESI) with independent probe, no need for changing the probe;
  • Fast Analysis of both positive and negative molecular charged entities;
  • Validated turnkey methods eliminates development time.

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Improved Performance

Highly specific and efficient extraction and clean-up of mycotoxins from various sample matrices

  • Strong and specific antibody-antigen interaction efficiently captures the analytes of interest in cartridge
  • Undesired substances are effectively eliminated by applying strong eluting solvent
  • Cleaner final solution provides higher sensitivity and less matrix effect for LC and LC MS detection
  • Wide range of columns meet various analytes, matrices, and regulation needs

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