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Sustainable Agriculture

To meet the needs of a growing population, sustainable agriculture seeks to enhance environmental quality and natural resources, satisfy global food and textile needs and maintain the economic vitality of farming operations. To achieve this, specialty chemicals and agricultural operation companies need to understand and manage soil health, monitor groundwater quality, and optimize chemical treatment to maintain optimal production while limiting environmental impact. PerkinElmer supports our agricultural partners by providing the needed data to make informed decisions through our wide range of analytical instrumentation, consumables and accessories, expertise, and support services.

Sustainable Agriculture Spotlight


The Next Wave of Agricultural Materials Innovation is on the Horizon

Fertilizer and agrochemicals industries have a long history of innovation that has helped improve food availability and quality for the world. Today, they face ...
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Accurate and Rapid Determination of 22 Major and Trace Elements in Soil with the Avio 550 Max ICP-OES

Soil and sediments are integral parts of the earth and play a major role in food security. The elements in soil have a significant influence on the soil quality ...
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Soil Testing Solutions

Whether you’re concerned with nutrient testing or contaminant determination and remediation, we are committed to accelerating your soil testing analyses. We do ...
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ESI - PKI Ultra High Speed Analysis of Soils by ICP-OES

Commercial soil testing laboratories and industrial agrochemicals manufacturers routinely test soil for nutrients to enable agriculturists and farmers to make i ...
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Multi-Elemental Analysis of Soils Using the NexION ICP-MS

The elemental analysis of soils is of vital importance not only for agriculture, but also from an environmental perspective. Toxic metals enter soil primarily t ...
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Smart Fertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture

Presented by Dr. Syed Ismail, Head of the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry at Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agricultural University. This talk ...
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Combining Nanotechnology and Molecular Recognition in Agriculture & Food

Dr. Maria C. DeRosa, Professor at Carleton University is one of 24 scientists worldwide to receive a 2021 Grants4Ag award from Bayer Crop Science, for her work ...
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The Need for Speed: Enhancing Lab Productivity with ICP-OES and ICP-MS

Common challenges environmental labs face are expanded lists of analytes and shorter turn-around times while receiving an ever-growing number of samples.
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