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Swafer Micro-Channel Flow Technology

Expand the capabilities of your capillary gas chromatography. For unparalleled hardware and application flexibility, our Swafer™ micro-channel flow technology is an innovative and user-friendly approach for flow-switching applications.

From simple techniques (e.g., connecting two detectors to one column and removing unwanted material from a column) to sophisticated multidimensional separations on complex samples, the capabilities of Swafer technology include detecting pesticides in food products and analyzing complex matrices in petroleum or natural products.

With tools such as detector switching or heartcutting capabilities, the Swafer delivers better separations of complex samples, yielding additional, more reliable data.

The Swafer platform includes 13 user-interchangeable configurations. D-Swafers are based on the classical Deans' Switch principle, while S-Swafers provide a scalable splitting device designed for sample-stream splitting between a range of detectors or columns.

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