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A key component to a sustainable future is the development of new materials that are stronger, adaptive, resilient, and environmentally friendly to meet both industrial and consumer needs. Whether you are researching semiconductors, electronics, glass, ceramics, fabrics, or other next generation materials, involved in optimizing manufacturing process or focused on sustainable plant operations, PerkinElmer supports your work with analytical instrumentation, consumables and accessories, expertise and support services.

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An Interactive Guide to Semiconductor & Electronics Contaminant Testing Solutions

Semiconductors are at the heart of most every innovation, from telecommunications to automobiles, national security to healthcare. Semiconductors are constantly ...
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Comprehensive and Compliant Solutions for Glass Analysis

It’s clear, glass has a variety of uses, from practical to technological to decorative. In particular, float glass is widely used in architecture, automotive, t ...
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PerkinElmer and Missouri S&T Collaborate on Nanoparticle Study

As with any new field of study, nanotechnology and the creation of ENPs may pose unintended environmental, health, and safety risks demanding further study. The ...
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Material Characterization Analyzers for Building Glass Measurements

Building or Architectural glass products control the amount of light and heat entering a building, offering safety and security, insulation against noise, provi ...
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Nanotechnology and Engineered Nanomaterials - A Primer

The purpose of this primer is to provide some basic information about engineered nanomaterials so that you will be better informed, understand the new ‘jargon’ ...
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Semiconductor Manufacturing: Essential Analytical Techniques

In this White Paper learn how the small but mighty semiconductor has become an essential part of our high-tech world. Commonly called integrated circuits (ICs) ...
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Green Building Materials Analysis with UV/Vis-NIR and Infrared Analytical Solution

As we are becoming increasingly aware of negative environmental influences, global warming, and sustainable building practices, we are learning that new constru ...
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Semiconductor Device Fabrication

Smaller, faster and more energy-efficient integrated circuitry are the rules of the game in the semiconductor industry, which is constantly evolving and transfo ...
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Controlling Impurities for Next Generation Semiconductors and Electronics

In this webcast, Chady Stephan provides an introduction to production processes for the semiconductor and electronics industry, how the industry has evolved fro ...
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