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Lubricant Chemistry

Analyzing lubricants, like hydraulics, transmission fluid, and gear and engine oils, is paramount in making sure they meet safety and quality standards. As leaders in oil chemistry analysis, we’ve been providing robust, easy-to-use solutions for more than 60 years. Our experience and expertise with global organizations - and insights from our customers - help us enable you to improve the flow of your lab, increasing your throughput and value to customers.

Whether you’re performing wear and additive metals analysis, particle count and elemental analysis, lubricant chemistry testing, or contamination testing, our trusted solutions help you achieve accurate results in record time - because when your lab runs smoothly, you can concentrate on science.

The PerkinElmer solution for lubricant chemistry testing is a robust and compact FT-IR spectrometer that offers trouble-free analysis of in-service lubricants, including mineral and synthetic oils, petroleum hydraulic fluids, and turbine fluids. Our Spectrum Two FT-IR and OilExpress systems provide a rugged, scalable, automated, high-throughput solution that minimizes downtime and improves lab productivity with fast, accurate analysis of in-service lubricants. Our complete solutions ensure you have access to consumables, training, service and support right at your fingertips.

Key benefits of our Oil Chemistry Analysis Equipment include:

  • User-friendly design suited for demanding quantitative lubricant applications
  • Clear, high-quality results, regardless of the level of expertise
  • The ability to get your lab up and running faster

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