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Unlock the potential of your dairy production with our intuitive, reliable, and cost-effective testing solutions.


Efficient production of milk and cream products requires full control over incoming raw milk quality, and dairy processors require robust, proven, and easy-to-use solutions to analyze a whole host of nutrition, quality, and safety parameters. Moreover, standardizing the components in a milk supply can help to optimize production and increase profit margins.

That's where we can help. Whether you are looking to streamline your processes, enhance product quality, or verify its safety, our expert solutions have got you covered from raw milk to finished products.

Our lateral flow and ELISA test kits will help to rapidly screen your products for the presence of antibiotics, veterinary drugs, pathogens, and mycotoxins. Ensure accurate measurements of fat, protein, lactose, and solids, and detect adulterants like urea, sucrose, water, and more with our robust and intuitive FTIR and NIR instruments. The LactoScope FT-A integrates a homogenizer and sample preheater to standardize temperature and particle size of fat globules, so you can be confident in the accuracy of your results. A common software across FTIR dairy analyzers reduces training needs, while the NetPlus platform offers convenient remote access to results and calibration management. All calibrations come included with the purchase of your instrument.

Our extensive global network of experts will be by your side at all times, offering technical support and assistance with preventative maintenance, method development, software use, and more.

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