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Enhance your cheese production quality and profitability with our cutting-edge dairy analyzers and reliable expert support.


As a cheese manufacturer, you know that monitoring the composition and functionality of cheese throughout production is crucial to delivering high-quality products. However, achieving this while maintaining high throughput and optimal margins can be a daunting task. Our expertise lies in providing advanced testing solutions that deliver the precision, speed, and ease of use you require to ensure consistent quality and efficiency throughout the cheese production process.

Our FTIR dairy instruments enable fast and accurate analysis for consistent raw materials and fair payment to suppliers. Monitoring the cheese curdling process is made easy with our DA 7250 NIR analyzer, requiring minimal sample preparation, while delivering rapid and reliable results.

The DA 7440 on-line analyzer offers continuous quality control during cheese production on conveyor belts, providing crucial data on moisture, fat, and protein content for various cheese forms, including blocks, slices, and shreds. Further, our rapid food safety kits allow efficient product screening for pathogens and residues, utilizing easy-to-use technologies such as lateral flow or ELISA.

Our Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA) evaluates ingredient and raw material performance, saving both time and money by reducing waste and rework. The RVA helps quantify cheese melting performance, identifies melting and solidification temperatures, measures viscosity for optimal formulation, and allows easy identification of deviations from the normal product or ingredient behavior.

We offer a vast library of proven calibrations and expert support for custom development requirements, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your production. With our NetPlus software, you can conveniently access results and manage calibrations remotely. From preventative maintenance to dependable break-fix services, we ensure that your instruments run smoothly, keeping your operations on track.

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