Application Note

NEXTFLEX Rapid XP DNA-Seq Kit Automated on the BioQule NGS System


To enable decentralization of next-generation sequencing (NGS) the development of easy to use, robust and fully automated workflows are required. Integrated enzymatic fragmentation, such as in the NEXTFLEX Rapid XP DNA-Seq kit, is a simpler more streamlined workflow for NGS library preparation. PerkinElmer has automated the NEXTFLEX Rapid XP DNA-Seq kit, on the new BioQule NGS System to meet this demand. The BioQule NGS System is a fully automated, walkaway sample preparation system for preparing up to 8 libraries simultaneously. This solution can automate an endless library of NGS methods through the incorporation of an integrated thermal cycler, an on-board bead wash system, easy to use user interface and an integrated optical device.