Vanadis® cfDNA Platform

With Vanadis, any laboratory, hospital, or OB group can analyze cfDNA samples in-house. Without PCR or sequencing, Vanadis empowers simplified analysis of the common chromosome abnormalities (21, 18, 13, X & Y). Welcome to a whole new way to cfDNA.


Why Vanadis?


Determinations available in as soon as 72 hours


Only one lab technician required to operate


Structured to minimize the failure rate

For Any Lab

No bioinformatics or genetic expertise required



The cfDNA Platform for All


The Vanadis platform eliminates the complex while maintaining the high-tech. Vanadis enables cost-efficient cfDNA analysis using standard microplates and fully automated processing, requiring no genetic expertise to operate. With high molecular yield counting to minimize the failure rate, Vanadis is the precise and easy cfDNA platform that is built for all.

Vanadis cfDNA system with RCR technology


No PCR, No Sequencing


The Vanadis platform is the cell-free DNA analysis solution to enable targeted cfDNA analysis without PCR, instead directly capturing target fragments of chromosomes 21, 18, 13, X & Y and labeling them for counting. With Vanadis, there is no need for expensive and data-intensive steps, common amongst DNA sequencing and microarray-based technologies.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • More Info?
    Download Our Product Brochure

More Info?
Download Our Product Brochure

Vanadis® cfDNA Platform

PerkinElmer is proud to introduce the easy-to-use and cost-effective Vanadis cfDNA platform. Analyzing the common chromosome abnormalities (21, 18, 13, X & Y), Vanadis automates all critical steps, from primary tube to final data analysis, without the use of PCR or sequencing.

Keep Your cfDNA Samples In-House