Liquid Handlers

PerkinElmer has been providing liquid handling solutions for over 40 years. A pioneer and innovator in this industry, we offer a comprehensive lineup of robotic liquid handlers to automate common to complex laboratory workflows. With a wide offering to choose from, PerkinElmer has a liquid handling solution to automate your laboratory needs.

Our dedicated in-house and field applications support teams ensure customers receive solutions that solve their problems and get up and running quickly.

Whatever your liquid handling and automation needs are, PerkinElmer can provide a solution tailored to fit your individual requirements and provide this in a timely fashion.

arrow Why do I want to automate my liquid handling?

Pipetting is a necessary but tedious task in the lab and when done manually for any length of time, errors can easily occur. Utilizing a liquid handling robot can minimize errors, reduce variability, improve records and tracking, reduce hands-on time, conserve reagents, and increase throughput and reproducibility. Robotic liquid handling systems can drastically reduce the workload of researchers, allowing them to focus on more valuable contributions to advance your science.

arrow What do liquid handlers do?

Robotic liquid handlers are ideal for automating such applications as: NGS, library prep, high throughput screening, primary or secondary screening, protein purification, nucleic acid isolation and quantification, primary sample reformatting, blood fractionation, assay development and optimization, DoE, biobanking, compound storage, cell line selection, bioanalytical sample preparation and qPCR sample preparation.

arrow What technology do liquid handlers offer?
  • Highly accurate dispensing
  • Dynamic volume range
  • Reformatting, from 1 to up to 96, 384 and 1536 well plates
  • Flexible throughput and capacity
  • Barcode scanning of input and output labware
  • Integrated gripper for handling labware on and off deck
  • Integrated thermocyclers, shakers, temperature controllers
  • Integrated magnetic or solid phase extraction devices
  • LIMS integration

From benchtop application-specific workstations to complex customized integrated solutions, our liquid handing portfolio supported by our industry experts can help accelerate your science.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Testing purified plant DNA is an important step in many food and beverage testing services. The chemagic™ DNA Plant Kit LH is designed for automated purificatio ...
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Library Prep Automation

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Integrated Laboratory Automation

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Automated Blood Fractionation

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Non-Contact Dispensing

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Liquid Handling Solutions

JANUS Liquid Handler Workstations

The JANUS® G3 automated liquid handling workstations offer flexible automated sample preparation solutions to meet your specific application needs. The JANUS G3 ...

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Sciclone G3 Liquid Handling Workstations

With proven performance, open-deck design, and integration-friendly architecture, PerkinElmer's Sciclone® G3 liquid handling workstations can be configured to a ...

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Zephyr G3 Liquid Handler Workstations

The Zephyr® G3 workstation’s small footprint makes it ideal for workbench operation, while the convenient deck design provides ready access from all four sides ...

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Plate Storage Solutions for Liquid Handling Automation

PerkinElmer offers two different microplate storage solutions for our automated liquid handling workstations, which provide different storage capacities for a w ...

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