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Liquid Chromatography (LC)

Whether your application requires the ruggedness of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), the precision and power of ultra-high performance chromatography (UHPLC), or the flexibility of an HPLC-ICP-MS speciation solution, PerkinElmer offers the right technology to meet your analytical goals. Our analytical solutions, including a full suite of chromatography data system (CDS) software packages, consumables and service offerings, come together to deliver a total liquid chromatography solution to increase your throughput, reduce costs and limit unnecessary complexity in analytical processes.

LC 300 Analytical HPLC System

Increased Versatility and Efficiency

Performance with new levels of usability, enabling operational efficiency and versatility for a variety of applications.

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LC 300 HPLC System

Exceptional ROI

Affordable HPLC for consistent everyday results and maximum reliability, without compromising flexibility.

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LC 300 UHPLC System

Accelerated Productivity

Fast separation with best-in-class performance to boost lab productivity.

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NexSAR Speciation Analysis Ready HPLC System

Next-generation Speciation Analysis Ready system engineered with a completely inert and metal-free fluid path, enabling laboratories to meet low chromatographic background requirements on the most challenging speciation applications.

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Flexar HPLC System

Meet the HPLC system you can count on day after day. For routine analyses, it simply streamlines your processes with easy, trouble-free operation while delivering reliable results every time.

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How to Guide for HPLC: Choosing the Right Detector

There are many characteristics to consider when choosing a detector, therefore several detectors have been developed over time to address particular challenges. ...
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Chromatography Simplified – Improving LC Workflow Efficiency and Productivity

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover the difference that a focus on improving the user experience will have on your workflows and productivity.
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Best Practices for HPLC to UHPLC Method Transfer

Best Practices for HPLC to UHPLC Method Transfer Converting a method from HPLC to UHPLC has a number of benefits, as outlined in the first 2 articles in our ser ...
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