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Coatings & Paints

The global paints and lacquer coatings industry is the major area of the coatings industry fuelled by industries like construction, automotive and packaging, in which the result is purely aesthetic versus altering a surface’s properties. Coatings and paints raw materials suppliers, manufacturers, R&D, and contract labs seek cost effective testing solutions that are reliable and meet ASTM methods and regulations to provide world-class products to their customers.

Analyze chemicals for the best performance in your coatings formulations and achieve improved functional and safety properties through expert paint analysis and coating analysis including;

  • Lead-based paint testing
  • Acrylic paint properties analysis
  • Functional coatings properties - such as anti-rust, photochromic and thermochromic properties
  • UV (ultraviolet) curing
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) regulations
  • Alkyd resin and acrylates analysis
  • Failure analysis

Identify and measure coatings composition and paint chemical composition using state-of-the-art materials characterization instruments including UV, IR, Thermal, Chromatography and Atomic Spectroscopy techniques.

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