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Air Analysis

Air Analysis

Air toxics, ozone precursors, semivolatile organics, trace metals and particulate matter – these are the targeted analytes and pollutants our air monitoring, sampling and detection options address. PerkinElmer provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, including headspace, automated thermal desorption and gas chromatography, infrared, and atomic spectroscopy technologies that deliver the building blocks environmental analysts need to help achieve reliable and accurate results – as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Outdoor Air Interactive Brochure

Our outdoor air monitoring solutions enable fast, accurate, reliable - and compliant - volatile and semivolatile organic compound analysis, including applicatio ...
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Optimization of EPA 325 for Fast, Accurate Monitoring of VOCs

This study will demonstrate how the GC instrumental parameters are optimized so that VOCs, in addition to semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), can be analyz ...
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Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Air by Online TD-GC

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) have been identified as a major source of air pollution, and as such, have been regulated as a cause of both primary and secon ...
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Ambient Air Monitoring - U.S. EPA PAMS

Air pollution is a global concern. Ground-level ozone has become an increasingly important issue in developed nations, as the health effects of smog are more cl ...
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Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Air Using US EPA Method TO-17

Optimized methods are needed for the analysis of toxic compounds in air to understand the impact to human health. People breathe approximately 20,000 liters of ...
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Collaboration Helps Improve How Pace Analytical Services Collects and Analyzes Air Samples

PerkinElmer’s new desorption tube is now used on a routine basis and it is changing the way Pace and its customers conduct environmental testing. In fact, produ ...
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PerkinElmer and Enthalpy Analytical, Inc.

The EPA Method 325 A/B, which is focused on monitoring fugitive emissions of benzene and other hazardous air pollutants at the fenceline of all U.S. refineries, ...
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Breakthroughs in Technology Help CARO Analytical Services Capture Major Share of the Western Canadian Soil Vapor Analysis Marketplace

There is no question this collaboration has been very successful in developing a new solution to resolving a limitation in detection capability. The result is a ...
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Soil Gas Analysis: The Solution for Extending the Hydrocarbon Range of TO-17

The sampling and analysis of soil gas poses several unique challenges when compared to indoor or ambient air monitoring. For instance, soil gas often has higher ...
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Better Air Quality for a Cleaner Environment

Based on EPA modeling, Method EPA 325 A/B will lead to a reduction of an estimated 52,000 tons per year of volatile organic compounds being emitted into the env ...
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EnviroChat Interviews

As part of our efforts to educate ourselves and our customers, we are actively engaged with researchers and subject matter experts from around the world to expl ...
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PFAS Health Concerns in Air, Water and Soil

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are stable in the environment and can accumulate over time.
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Pace LCGC Article Reprint

A new, single method to replace the two-method approach using United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Methods TO-15 and TO-13A for the analysis of b ...
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Air Sensors: Opportunities and Challenges

Kristen Benedict of the U.S. EPA provides an overview of the EPA’s Ambient Air Monitoring Network including frequently asked questions around the interpretation ...
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Tackling Environmental Challenges in Air

Lara Phelps, Director of the US EPA Office of Research and Development, Center for Environmental Measurement and Monitoring, Air Methods and Characterization Di ...
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Learn How to Analyze Both Volatile and Semi-Volatile Compounds in a Single Air Sample

This webinar discusses how to analyze volatile organic compounds and semi-volatile organic compounds in a single air analysis. The Focus os the discussion is on ...
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Lab Quality Analysis in Continuous Ambient Air Monitoring

In this on demand webinar, Carol Meyer, CEO of Orsat, LLC, discusses the configuration and automation of AutoGC systems along with the quality controls to ensur ...
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The Advantages of Passive Air Monitoring

This webinar examines the methodology and benefits of passive sampling for monitoring volatile organic compounds in air. EPA Method 325 will be used as an examp ...
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A Review of Air Sampling Techniques and Monitoring of Ozone Precursor VOCs

Globally, regulatory agencies are increasing requirements and rigor for the monitoring of air to address human health risks rising from ambient air pollution. K ...
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