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NexION 2200 ICP Mass Spectrometer

For analytical testing labs performing trace-elemental analyses, the NexION® 2200 ICP-MS builds on a 40-year history of innovation in ICP-MS and a strong tradition of reliable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance instrumentation, delivering uncompromised performance, accuracy, and repeatability.

Its unique three-quad design, combined with novel and proven technologies, including the second-generation Triple Cone Interface with OmniRing, come together to offer outstanding sensitivity, superior interference removal, excellent stability, unmatched matrix tolerance, high throughput/greater uptime, as well as sustainability and low cost of operation.

Part Number N8170012
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The NexION 2200 ICP-MS boasts a unique combination of proprietary technologies:

  • Three quadrupoles:
    • Quadrupole Ion Deflector (Q0) directs ions to the Universal Cell (Q1) with varied voltages, so target ion sensitivity is maximized while unwanted masses are reduced.
    • Quadrupole Universal Cell (Q1) uses up to three gases with on-the-fly gas mixing capability for Collision or Reaction modes. The unique quadruple cell is empowered by dynamic bandpass tuning, preventing reaction by-products from causing interferences with target analytes.
    • Transmission Analyzer Quadrupole (Q2, full-sized for < 0.7 amu mass resolution) acts as a mass filter or as an ion guide to direct ions to the detector.
  • Second-generation Triple Cone Interface with patent-pending OmniRing™ technology delivers unprecedented flexibility to handle a variety of applications without needing different inserts or lenses, as on other commercial ICP-MS systems, allowing three modes of operation, as needed.
  • Proprietary Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) increases linear dynamic range to 1014, allowing to run both high- and low-concentration analytes in a single analytical run, resulting in fewer re-runs.
  • Powerful All Matrix Solution (AMS) allows online gas dilution, improving efficiency and preventing contamination, delivering up to 200x dilution and the ability to support samples with up to 35% total dissolved solids.
  • Novel free-running RF Generator with proprietary LumiCoil™ RF load coil, especially designed for ICP-MS applications, provides accurate impedance matching to easily handle the most difficult matrices and solvents. This revolutionary combination delivers superior plasma power and stability for uncompromised performance, robustness, and reliability.
  • Low maintenance for greater uptime:
    • Triple Cone Interface and Quadrupole Ion Deflector combination deliver no maintenance beyond cones, for continual operation and improved stability.
    • 34 MHz free-running RF Generator offers trouble-free user experience – the plasma is generated by the unique LumiCoil RF load coil, which does not require water or gas cooling, so maintenance-free, eliminating need to replace plasma load coils.
  • Innovative LCD touchscreen allows you to perform critical day-to-day tasks, including hardware control, results reviews, instrument parameter diagnostics, analytics, access embedded training videos, and more.
  • External status LED lighting provides easy visibility of state of analysis, optimizing efficiencies in the laboratory.
  • Syngistix for ICP-MS software features a modern, intuitive user interface that mimics a typical daily workflow with left-to-right navigation and a streamlined experience.


Depth 72.0 cm
Height 73.0 cm
Weight 150.0 kg
Width 81.0 cm
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Application Brief

Analysis of Several Challenging Elements in Petroleum Products Using the NexION 2200 ICP-MS

The elemental analysis of petroleum products presents some known challenges, like volatility of samples that can destabilize or even extinguish the plasma. Also, carbon may build up in the sample introduction system and deposit on the interface cones. Contaminations with common elements, such as sil ...

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Application Note

Analysis of Petroleum Products According to ASTM Method D8110-17 Using the NexION 2200 ICP-MS

ASTM method D8110-17 “Standard Test Method for Elemental Analysis of Distillate Products by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)” describes a procedure for the determination of a few trace elements in light and middle distillate petroleum products using ICP-MS. Contaminants in feeds ...

Analysis of Trace Elements in Coastal Seawater Using the NexION 2200 ICP-MS

Coastal oceans house a wealth of marine life and serve as the primary source of global seafood production. However, with the increasing industrialization of both land and sea, coupled with rising global populations, there is growing concern over the contamination of coastal seawater by metals and me ...

The Determination of Nutritional and Toxic Elements in Plant-Based Foods Using the NexION 2200 ICP-MS

While plant-based foods offer many benefits, they carry some challenges associated with their formulation, nutritional content, and safety. Nutritional and toxic elements need to be routinely monitored in incoming raw materials and finished product, ensuring accurate label claims and compliance with ...



NexION 2200 ICP-MS - Nothing Interferes with Performance

Analytical testing labs like yours performing trace-elemental analysis with varied sample types and matrices need to deliver accurate, repeatable results, day in and day out. And that means an ICP-MS you can count on – one that’s easy to use and simple to maintain, for maximum uptime; that helps kee ...



NexION 2200 ICP-MS for Petrochem: Explore the Possibilities

Refinery production labs conducting trace-elemental analyses require exceptional uptime with a robust, easy-to-use platform. The NexION® 2200 ICP-MS is the ideal system for the analysis of distillate petroleum products, offering outstanding sensitivity and interference removal capabilities to meet A ...

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NexION 2200 ICP-MS: Extract More Value from Your Geochem Operations

For mining laboratories conducting trace-elemental analyses, the new NexION® 2200 ICP-MS features unmatched interference removal capabilities, outstanding sensitivity, and superior matrix tolerance, providing a robust, yet easy-to-use solution that improves their profitability. It’s the ideal system ...

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NexION 2200 ICP-MS: Helping Ensure Safe, Sustainable Water Supplies

Environmental laboratories conducting trace-elemental analyses of water need a robust instrument that requires as little maintenance as possible. For municipal labs running on a limited budget, or for commercial labs that aim to make the highest margins possible, their running cost per sample needs ...

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Supporting Sustainability with the NexION ICP-MS Series

Today’s sustainable solutions are opening exciting new ways for businesses to fuel economic growth, while minimizing adverse impact on people and the planet. Laboratories are also working sustainability into their business plans to reduce downtime, waste, and costs – and in many cases, improve their ...

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Atomic Spectroscopy - A Guide to Selecting the Appropriate Technique and System

Atomic spectroscopy is a family of techniques for determining the elemental composition of an analyte by its electromagnetic or mass spectrum. Several analytical techniques are available: Atomic absorption (AA): flame and graphite furnace Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP ...

NexION 1100/2200 ICP-MS Preparing Your Lab

For laboratories that purchased a NexION® 1100/2200 ICP-MS system, this document provides information to assist in preparing your laboratory site for the instrument prior to delivery and installation. It is intended for laboratory and facility managers responsible for site planning and laboratory pr ...

NexION ICP-MS Series - Superior Interference Removal, Accurate Results

Accurate, reproducible trace elemental analysis is essential to ensuring the quality and safety of our products and our environment, and the award-winning NexION® ICP-MS platform delivers that level of accuracy and repeatability through a host of unique features that provide superior interference re ...

NexION ICP-MS Series Consumables & Supplies Guide

Whether looking for sample introduction components or standards, we have the consumables you need to keep your NexION up and running smoothly and efficiently.


Product Note

GreenCT Cooling System – Keeping the Instrument and Planet Cool

The novel GreenCT™ cooling system is designed to provide a reliable, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution for cooling the NexION® 1100/2200 ICP-MS system, making it an ideal choice for laboratories looking to optimize their operations and lower operating costs, while reducing ...

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High Throughput System for ICP-MS and ICP-OES Product Note

Our High Throughput System (HTS) is a uniquely designed modular sample introduction that integrates with the NexION® series of ICP-MS and the Avio® series of ICP-OES to dramatically reduce sample-to-sample time, thereby improving sample throughput while maintaining operation simplicity. The HTS maxi ...

Syngistix for ICP-MS Software - Revving Up the User Experience

Syngistix™ for ICP-MS software for the NexION® ICP-MS instruments is designed to improve efficiencies in the laboratory. It features a refreshed user interface that conforms to your workflow, delivering a modern, streamlined experience based on familiar left-to-right navigation and a ribbon menu, wi ...

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Regulatory Compliance Certification

Technical Note

Advantages of a Novel Plasma Generator for the NexION 1000/2200/5000 ICP-MS Systems

Unlike other ICP-MS systems on the market that utilize conventional 40-MHz or 27-MHz commercially available generators which are typically customized and modified to work with ICP-MS instruments, the NexION® 1000/2200/5000 ICP-MS systems feature a 34-MHz frequency free-running RF generator, which wa ...

All Matrix Solution System for NexION ICP-MS Platforms

PerkinElmer’s All Matrix Solution (AMS) system provides a number of benefits to simplify analysis of high-matrix samples with the NexION family of ICP-MS instruments. It allows online gas dilution, improving efficiency and preventing contamination, delivering up to 200x dilution and the ability to s ...

Novel Interface for NexION 2200/5000 ICP-MS Systems – Innovative Design, Uncompromised Performance

The innovative design of the second-generation Triple Cone Interface with patent-pending OmniRing™ was developed for the NexION® 2200 and 5000 ICP-MS systems with both sensitivity and stability in mind. It builds on the Triple Cone Interface geometry of the NexION series and provides unique solution ...

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TotalQuant Analysis in NexION ICP Mass Spectrometers

TotalQuant, a software feature unique to PerkinElmer's NexION® ICP-MS systems, intelligently interprets the complete mass spectrum, providing semi-quantitative to quantitative results for all elements. TotalQuant and survey scan can provide supplementary and confirmatory information about unknown sa ...